Mozart in Vienna – Celebrate the Arts

If you are into classical music you have to visit the Mozart house!

The Mozarthaus Vienna tells the story of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart’s life and work. It is located in the heart of Vienna’s inner city. But the Mozarthaus doesn’t only retell the composer’s story, it is also the only surviving apartment Mozart has lived in.

Mozart lived in the apartment from 1784 till 1787. For the last 60 and more years it has been open to the public.

The first floor of the Mozarthaus shows the rooms Mozart and his family have lived in. Mozart purchased the right of residence to the “representative noble dwelling, centrally situated, bel-étage, 4 rooms, 2 closets, kitchen, ground floor, cellar, 2 wooden vaults” for an annual rent of around 450 gulden from the Camesina family. Sadly only bits and pieces of his furniture have survived over the past centuries. A few models and videos try to take on the parts of Mozart’s life the missing furniture can no longer tell.

The second floor of the museum focuses on his music and the third floor gives insights into the Vienna Mozart has experienced.

For more information about the museum visit here. Make sure to check out our private tours for more information about composers.

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