Should you your Schönbrunn Palace tickets in advance?

Planning to visit Schönbrunn Palace? This article is for you!

Visiting Schönbrunn is a must – if you got enough time to comfortably explore the palace and the garden.

But Should you your Schönbrunn Palace tickets in advance? Let us help you out with this important question.

The palace can get quite crowded, especially in summer time, hence why it’s better to buy tickets online, so you can avoid longer queues. Visiting Schönbrunn will take up some time, since there’s a lot to explore, let it be the rooms of the palace, the Gloriette or the hidden paths leading through the garden. If you aren’t sure which ticket you should buy, you can also think about buying the Sisi-Ticket, which will get you into Schönbrunn, the Sisi Museum and the furniture museum. Click here to read about all the possible tickets you can get your hands on.

Now that you know how to get your Schönbrunn Palace Tickets, it’s time to explore Vienna!

Those of you that are hungry for more historic information about Schönbrunn, should check out our private tours, here you will find more information. Together with our licensed tour guides you will get to explore the city’s beautiful highlights or hidden gems behind the scenes. You will also get plenty of useful information that will help you answer any question.

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