Axel Flóvent and Plàsi

There is something truly inspiring about the collaboration of Axel Flóvent and Plàsi. The two are about to tour Europe and also have a show planned in Vienna for the 15th of February.

Axel Flóvent’s soothing voice pulls one along, no matter the situation. Forest Fires is one of the most popular songs of the Icelandic singer. Followed by songs such as City Dream or Tourist. His songs tell the stories of love and longing. They make one feel at home, as if a long search for a place of comfort has finally found its safe haven.

Plàsi’s music perfectly harmonizes with Axel’s songs. The Swedish and Greek singer is known for songs like Who We Are, Sorrow or Mystery. And similar to Axel it feels as if Plàsi’s songs take his listeners on a personal journey with him.

Their calming songs are made for whoever is up to reflect on the past as well as the future, for stories about love and the longing for a place to call home.

Don’t miss out on watching the two play their show in Vienna, tickets can be bought here. We certainly can’t wait to see them perform their songs live.

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