Wiener Blond- Secret Vienna Interview

The band Wiener Blond focuses on Viennese music and on a Viennese atmosphere.

I’m sure that those of you – who have an interest in Viennese music – have heard of the Band Wiener Blond before. And even if you don’t speak German, I still want to introduce you to this band. They are deeply rooted in our Viennese art scene.

Wiener Blond was put together by Verena Doublier and Sebastian Radon. They are known for songs such as “Der letzte Kaiser” or “Wach”. What makes their songs so special is their love for Vienna as well as their passion for music and different genres.

We got the chance to talk to Wiener Blond about their band history and their hopes and wishes for our art scene:

SV: How did you meet and when did you start the band?

Verena: I found an old flyer a couple of days ago. It had “Groove-Kabarett” printed on it (laughs); today, we like to say that we produce urban pop music combined with Viennese lyrics.

Sebastian: We met at the Music University and founded Wiener Blond in 2012. I brought a looper to our rehearsal room, and Verena showed off her beatbox skills. We started rehearsing a lot, and from then on, we knew where this journey would take us. Since 2016, we also have had a program with the “Original Wiener Salonensemble”. We also play our shows with a band since 2020.

SV: What makes Vienna so special to you? I want to focus on your song “Der letzte Kaiser” for a moment, a love confession but also a spoken critique?

Verena: It is 2022, and we still don’t have the U5 (metro)! But I’m also sad that the U5 is soon finishing up, the city will lose another contradiction.

Sebastian: I love the U5 extension. You will be able to reach the beautiful Matzleinsdorfer Platz in no time!

Verena: I know Vienna like the back of my hand. Here people like to cling to traditions but also want to act open-minded. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that both things are just facades.

SV: Wiener Blond is part of our big art scene, is there something you wish for the future of the scene?

Sebastian: That the crowd is still welcoming all kinds of art and that promises about fee notes must be kept

SV: What kind of crowd do you guys address? Just Viennese or tourists as well?

Verena: Our music addresses those who are focusing on dialects and certain ways one can play with language, but also for the ones that are into Groove.

Sebastian: We’ve also played shows in Germany, Hungary, Italy and Romania. It always worked out just fine; since the language of music can be universal.

SV: Where does your inspiration for your songs come from?

Verena: I write down phrases in my notebook, and sometimes they’ll turn into a proper song. We like to focus on topics you won’t hear about that often. From the beginning of our career, we started an internal challenge: no love stories and no heartbreak. It allowed us to focus on topics that are still unexhausted.

Sebastian: For me, music is what I focus on first. Lyrics for the hooks, a groove pattern – mostly combined with the lyrics. Sometimes those beginnings may have a dadaistic touch to them. And sometimes they stay like that.

Wiener Blond is playing a concert in Vienna on the 24th of March, visit this page to buy your tickets, a few are still available! We thank Wiener Blond for their time and certainly can’t wait to see them play a live show.

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