Recommended Small Hotels in Vienna’s old city

Small Hotels in Vienna's old city - our top 10

Choosing the perfect hotel in Vienna can make or break your vacation! This list may hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas for your next trip to Vienna. Down below you will find our top 10 of Small Hotels in Vienna’s old city.

1. Hotel Das Tigra

Hotel Das Tigra

Located at the Tiefer Graben 14-20, in the first district, this boutique hotel gives you the full Vienna inner city experience. Due to their location in the heart of the city, you can easily reach important landmarks. Let it be the Café Central or the Freyung, reachable within a few minutes (per foot). 

The name of the hotel is connected to a traditional history. Even Mozart resided in the hotel Tiagra in 1762. Back then it was a simple house and not a hotel. Their rooms focus on small details surrounding Mozart and his life. You can walk the same grounds the famous composer once used to walk. 

2. The Guesthouse Vienna

Guesthouse Vienna

You will find this hotel behind the Opera and near the Albertina museum, in the Führichgasse 10, 1st district. This boutique hotel has a big focus on sustainability. They put much thought into their heating system, into their laundry system. Most of their food comes from local suppliers. 

3. Römischer Kaiser Hotel

Römischer Kaiser

If you want to reside in luxurious rooms and be surrounded by a pompous interior, this boutique hotel is the perfect place for you. They are located in the Annagasse 16, 1st district, about five minutes away from the St. Stephen’s cathedral and the Opera. This place is one of the most traditional houses in Vienna. The building dates back to the 17th century. 

4. Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth

Kaiserin Elisabeth

Those of you interested in the history of Austria’s monarchy and empress Sisi should definitely spend their nights in this boutique hotel. Located in the Weihburggasse 3, 1st district, you can easily reach the Hofburg, where Sisi used to reside, or the Kapuzinergruft, where the Habsburgs are buried. All within a few minutes. The place has been carrying the name “Kaiserin Elisabeth” (empress Elisabeth) since the day of Sisi’s and Franz Joseph’s marriage in 1854. 

5. K+K Palais Hotel

K+K Palais Hotel

Once used as a palace of emperor Franz Joseph, this modern boutique hotel is located close to all important landmarks, at the Rudolfsplatz 11. The hotel can be found close to the Stock Exchange and the Austria Centre. It’s famous for housing conference guests and travellers. Close to the hotel you’ll find the Schwedenplatz and the famous Bermudadreieck.

6. Hotel König von Ungarn

König von Ungarn Hotel

Located close to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Mozarthaus, in the Schulerstraße 10, this hotel offers just the right amount of privacy and calmness. Yet it’s still close enough to the city buzz. The base of the hotel dates back to 1764. Between 1867 and 1918 it housed high-ranked people and magnates from Hungary, hence the name – meaning king of Hungary. The hotel has a big focus on sustainability and local foods. 

7. Graben Hotel

Graben Hotel

Close to the Dorotheum, the famous auction house, you’ll stumble upon the Graben Hotel, Dorotheergasse 3. The name of the hotel is connected to the Viennese street “Graben”, located right next to the hotel. The street will lead you straight to the St. Stephen’s cathedral, or close to the Hofburg. The location of the hotel once used to be a popular meeting point of writers, let it be Franz Kafka or Peter Altenberg. To this day they are in the possession of Altenberg’s writing desk. 

8. Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal

This is another famous boutique hotel, part of the same company as the Graben Hotel. This hotel is located in the Singerstraße 3, near the famous Kärntner Straße. The hotel comprises two Italian restaurants. One is located on their rooftop terrace, which offers a stunning view of the city.

9. Aviano Boutique Hotel

Aviano Pension

Located in the Marco d’Avianogasse 1, this four-star pension focuses on the calm and quiet the inner city can offer. They are located only a minute away from our Opera and the St. Stephen’s cathedral. Online they offer special packages for your booking, so you can make the most out of your stay. 

10. Hotel Post

Hotel Post

Near the Schwedenplatz you’ll find this very boutique hotel, at the Fleischmarkt 24. The hotel was once famous for housing guests like Josef Haydn, Friedrich Nietzsche or Richard Wagner. This very spot wants to combine the spirit of the past with new, modern touches. 

Bonus hotel- the Guesthouse of Schottenstift

Guesthouse Schottenstift

Vienna’s Schottenstift, located at the Freyung and near the Schottentor, is the oldest monastery of Vienna. According to the tradition of the Rule of St. Benedict, the Benedictine monastery also runs a guesthouse. They offer very quietly situated rooms, looking out onto one of the tree-lined courtyards of the monastery. Therefore they decided not to equip any of the rooms with TVs or radios.

We hope this list of the best small hotels in Vienna’s inner city will help you choose the perfect hotel for your stay in our beautiful city. And after choosing your hotel, it’s time to plan your activities! Are you looking for an exciting tour in Vienna? 

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