Future Bus Tours- A new way to experience Vienna’s highlights

When visiting Vienna, one of the best things you can do (Beside joining our secret walking tours of course…) is to take a bus tour and see Vienna’s highlights quickly and easily from the convenience of your bus seat. Most bus tours are quite standard, offering you an audio guide to listen to so that you can hear the fascinating stories of Vienna’s palaces, churches, gardens and other major sites.

One company that aims to revolutionise the way you enjoy bus tours is also our brand new partner- Future Bus Tours!

Future Bus Tours offers a brand new and unique way to explore Vienna. Through combining audio guide with an immersive virtual reality experience, you will get to not only see the sites but actually “visit them” and experience the historical events as they unfold.

The bus tour includes four stops nearby important sites such as Heldenplatz (heroes square), Votivkirche or the opera house). As the bus stops, you will be instructed to wear your VR glasses and enter a virtual world where you can meet Franz Joseph and Sisi, Sigmund Freud and event Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

We highly recommend this experience, especially for families who want to entertain their kids a bit more or want to try something less standard and more original! The tour itself lasts one hour and begins at Albertinaplatz right behind the Vienna state opera building. This spot is easy to reach and as the tour ends at the same spot, you can then easily continue your day from there and explore the places you’ve just seen in the tour.

We wish you a great time in our beloved city and look forward to welcoming you to our tours soon!

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