The lengths and depths of Viennese escalators

Vienna’s escalators – lengths and depths

Everyday the residents of Vienna take the public transportation to work or to school. A large share of these commutes are taking place on the metro. Although the Viennese metro is world class, one element of the metro stations is notably prone to shut-downs: that is, the escalators.

These are subject to regular maintenance that can take quite some time, often frustrating passengers. But there is a reason why they take time to repair. Every single one of the 352 Wiener Linien escalators is one of a kind. Each one is custom-made with different step height, width, and escalator lengths. This means that anytime they need replacement parts, they specifically come from various suppliers. And this can take time. Speaking of things that take time: the longest escalator in Vienna can be found at Zippererstrasse. It clocks in at 53 meters and takes a full 1 minute and 16 seconds to get from top to bottom!

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