Visiting Baden from Vienna – WLB train

Visiting Baden from Vienna can’t be easier!

Exploring the cities and spots near Vienna can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how to get there the fastest. Baden near Vienna is a place, which is definitely worth a visit, if you want to escape the hectic city life for a few hours. In this short article, we will tell you about visiting Baden from Vienna.

Baden, a good 30km away from Vienna, was once used as a summer residence by the Habsburgs (Austria’s imperial family, which ruled till 1918). This charming town is full of history, shows off very impressive architecture and allows you to soak in the calming atmosphere. 

But how do you reach Baden the easiest? 

There are a few options you could go for, the easiest is the Badner Bahn. This train will transport you from the Staatsoper (State Opera) to Baden, the journey takes about 1 hour but is definitely worth it, since you’ll see some parts of outer Vienna and surrounding areas. Make sure to buy the right ticket for this train. You could also rent a Share Now car for the day, make sure to check our partnership deal with them. Click here for more information 

If you want to know more about Baden’s history, get in touch with us and study our private tours. Click here for more information 

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