Which Viennese theatre should you visit?

Vienna is a true hotspot for art, culture, and theatres. A visit to our beautiful city isn’t complete without visiting one of our theatres – if you have enough time on your hands. But which Viennese theatre is worth visiting?

The Burgtheater is without doubt the most famous theatre in Vienna. Here you will come across classics as well as controversial plays. The classics will have a modern touch to them, be aware the plays are in German. Click here for more information. If you are looking for English productions, you should visit the VET, Vienna’s English Theatre. The VET is the oldest and most established English-language theatre in continental Europe. International Stars have found their way to the VET over the past centuries, let it be Linda Gray, Benedict Cumberbatch or Judi Dench. Click here for more information

The Theater an der Wien, located vis-a-vis the Naschmarkt, is Vienna’s newest opera house, built around 1800. Nowadays it’s a modern opera house, which you can also visit in the summer months, when other houses are closed. Click here for more information. Our Volkstheater used to be the place for the bourgeoisie and lower ranked people, today they focus on a big variety of Austrian plays, classics as well as comedies. Sometimes they also offer English subtitles. Click here for more information

So, which one should you visit? Depending on your taste in art and your understanding of the German language, we’d advise you to visit the Burgtheater, since it’s a world famous house. One thing is sure, you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing the right Viennese theatre.

If you want to learn more about the Viennese art scene, but don’t have enough time to visit a theatre, check out our private tours! Together with one of our licensed tour guides you will get to explore the city’s many hidden gems!

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