Schönbrunn or Hofburg – which one to visit first?

Schönbrunn Palace or Hofburg palace – Which one to visit first?

Vienna is a city of palaces, from the summer palace of Schönbrunn to the winter palace of the Hofburg, you can visit magnificent buildings and see how the emperors used to live. The question is, which one of them should you visit first – Schönbrunn or Hofburg? Let us help you out!

If you are looking for a super green place outside the inner city, Schönbrunn is definitely the first place for you to go to. You can spend almost a full day there, where you explore the palace, the garden, the Gloriette (used as a coffee house/restaurant today) towering over Schönbrunn, or even the Carriage Museum. Take in the mesmerizing atmosphere and feel like an emperor / empress. On the other hand, at the Hofburg you will find the Sisi museum, and for Sisi lovers this is the perfect place to visit and to grasp the chance to learn more about her extraordinary life.

So, which one should you visit first?

If you only find the time to visit one of those two landmarks, we’d advise you to visit Schönbrunn. However, you could buy a bundle ticket and actually visit both palaces. If you want to make the most out of your visit you could also book one of our private tours, click here to learn more.

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