Enjoy a beautiful view of Vienna from the Kahlenberg

Some of you may have come across pictures taken from the Kahlenberg, offering a stunning view of Vienna. In this post entry, let us tell you about this wonderful mountain and how you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Vienna from Kahlenberg.

The Kahlenberg is about 485 metres high and has a very long history. This spot rose to fame due to Jan Sobieski, who marched over the Kahlenberg with his army in 1683 and freed Vienna from the Turkish occupiers.

But how do you get there? 

There are many routes you can take to find your way to the viewing platform. You can either take a bus from Heiligenstadt (take the bus 38A in the direction of the “Leopoldsberg” and get off at the Station “Kahlenberg“), but you could also hike up the Kahlenberg from Nussdorf (which you can reach with the train “D“) on for example. Here you will find a map with a route. Don’t forget to visit a Heurigen, when you are in the area and try some Viennese wine.

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