Tim Werths Interview

Actor Tim Werths, born in Aachen (Germany), has been part of the Burgtheater ensemble since 2019/20. Before he found his way to Vienna he found himself walking the stages of Munich, Bochum and Frankfurt. In this article you will get to meet this awesome actor in our Tim Werths Interview.

We got to sit down and chat with the down-to-earth actor who is still getting to know our city, while being part of Vienna’s most famous theatre.

Foto: @Falk Werths

Secret Vienna: Why did you become an actor? What sparked your interest? 

Tim Werths: I didn’t have a positive relationship with school and some teachers, and the first time I got to experience the magic of acting, I found myself drawn to it. My brother was already experienced with acting by the time I came in touch with it, and it was fun watching him do those things, so I wanted to try it out myself. Later on, after being part of theatre groups, I figured out where I could study it, so I moved to Frankfurt, and started my path there. And thanks to acting, I also got to grow in confidence. 

SV: Have you ever been to Vienna before you moved here?

Tim: Once, we stayed here for five days when I was on the road with a theatre production. I found myself overwhelmed by the city, but I have grown to love it. The more you get used to Vienna, though, the less you notice the beauty of the city. Only once you leave the city for a while you find yourself missing this place.

SV: You started your path in Vienna amid the pandemic. Did it take long to find your bearings? 

Tim: It took me a while to get to know the city. I am still trying to find my way around. But the Burgtheater ensemble took me in just fine. It was quite the big group of over fifty people; by now, we are over seventy. It’s a nice feeling to be part of such a homogeneous group. 

SV: What makes Vienna special to you? 

Tim: Vienna gives off the feeling of being the centrepoint of the European art scene, which may be true, to some extent. On the one hand, I’d say there’s no true centre point, but on the other hand this is exactly what Vienna stands for. I mean, look at the appearance of some people who visit the Burgtheater, you’ll find people dressed in gowns, wearing tiaras, which was quite strange to me in the beginning, but now I love seeing it. 

SV: If friends visit, what do you show them in Vienna?

Tim: The Burgtheater; the Prater, I love how green it is there; basically everything in Vienna, you don’t have to actively search for nice spots, you’ll just stumble upon them. But as I said, I’m still trying to experience Vienna myself. 

SV: Is there a way to compare your experiences with acting in Vienna to other cities?

Tim: It feels like Vienna has a very strong connection with the Burgtheater. Viennese are proud of it, and that’s something special. This appreciation for art and the theatre houses is something you won’t find in many other cities. Vienna celebrates its love for its art scene like no other city I’ve worked in.

SV: Do you have any wishes or hopes for the future of the Viennese art scene?

Tim: A growing openness to actors and actresses with different cultural backgrounds, to people whose mother tongue isn’t German. We need more diversity. It gets boring quite easily when everything is just monotonous.

We thank Tim for his time and certainly can’t wait to follow his path – wherever it may take him. 

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