Revitalizing the Donauplatte

Renewing the Donauplatte

Vienna is a city with lots of tradition. Simultaneously it’s also a city that is constantly renewing itself. One part of the city that is experiencing a great deal of development and change is the area around the DC Tower in the 22nd district. The Donauplatte. The construction in this area includes a revitalization of the “Copakagrana” area. New beach bars, lounge chairs, and container restaurants serving up various kinds of fast food.

On the other side of the DC Tower, away from the water’s edge, another large development project is taking shape: not only are multiple new high rise buildings planned, but the space in front of the Austria Center Vienna is being transformed into the “Donausegel”, which is a new canopy to be erected, which serves not only as a business and conference space, but also as a shared space in which the local community can take part. It is scheduled to be completed by 2022.

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