Local Viennese products to Buy in Vienna

Vienna has some awesome local products to offer!

If you are looking for local products to buy in Vienna, this small list may hopefully give you some inspiration. It features some of our favourite local Viennese products:


Located in the Herrengasse (1st district) the Zuckerlwerkstatt is famous for their sweets. This spot managed to revitalise this traditional handicraft with a modern touch, attracting numerous visitors from all over the world. You can buy all kinds of bonbons there, make sure to study their products here.

Wiener Honig

If you are looking for local honey, this may be the perfect product for you. They offer a big variety of honey, let it be honey mixed with poppyseeds and lemon, honey with cloves and oranges, or honey made from selected blossoms. You can buy the honey in selected hotels and stores, click here for more information.

Big Smile

Those of you looking for local cider should check out Big Smile. Their apples come from different Austrian regions and the drink is produced without any extra sugar and is additive-free. Click here for more information.


This famous brand produces local jam. You can visit their store and their manufactory in the 16th district, but you’ll also find their products in most supermarkets in Vienna. Click here for more information.

Now that you know about the local Viennese products to buy in Vienna, it’s time to explore the city! Book a private tour to explore Vienna’s main sites and hidden gems. Our awesome tour guides are looking forward to meeting you!

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