How to properly order coffee in Vienna

Vienna is undoubtedly famous for coffee. Our coffee culture is world famous and even recognized as UNESCO world heritage.

But how does one order coffee in Vienna and where is the best place to try this out?

If you want to plunge in and go all out, you have to visit one of our traditional coffeehouses, let it be the Café Hawelka, the Café Korb or even the Café Central – all are located in the first district.  On the menu you can find different coffee variations, but the most famous one here is the “Melange” – a drink made of coffee and hot milk in equal parts. Usually, milk foam is also being added, so that the Viennese Melange is a coffee specialty similar to the cappuccino. Don’t let the adding of sugar or honey in a large glass or cup to the Viennese Melange confuse you.

So, all you need to do is wait for a waiter / a waitress to appear, and say “Ich hätte gerne eine Melange, bitte” (I’d like to order a Melange, please). And as a small pre warning – don’t let the cold demeanour of the waiters and waitresses scare you away.

Don’t hesitate to ask our guides about more coffee recommendations when joining them on one of our city walks. Click here to check out our private tours.

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