Visit this museum to drink coffee in one of Vienna’s most beautiful cafes

If there are two things Vienna is famous for – it’s coffee and culture. One of our most famous museums is the KHM, the museum of fine arts. But you can also drink coffee in this stunning museum, to take in the beautiful architecture. For us, drinking coffee in the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna is among our favourite experiences in Vienna!

Located in the Cupola Hall with its lavish dome, this restaurant / cafe offers traditional Austrian dishes and coffee variations. Be aware that this isn’t a cheap spot, you will pay around 5.80€ for a cappuccino. Nevertheless, the beautiful surroundings are definitely worth it. Those of you that don’t just want to drink coffee there, can also think about dining at this spot. Click here for a look at their menu. Combining your trip to the museum with a drink is something you should think of doing, if you got enough time left to comfortably spare.

After drinking coffee in the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna, it’s time to explore! If you want to learn more about the history of the museum and the paintings you’ll walk past, check out our private tours. Click here for more information about our unique tours and experiences.

Furthermore, if you want to enrich your experience at the museum’s cafe, you should check out the museum’s gift shop! There you will find plenty of fascinating books about art, history and Vienna in general. This way, you can learn about the city’s history while enjoying a perfect cup of coffee!

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