Schildermaler Museum

An old tradition about to die out – the Schildermaler Museum

Perhaps some of you may have heard of Vienna’s Schildermaler Museum before. Located in the Mühlgasse 7 in the 4th district, the museum walls are covered in old signs, photographs and paper articles.

Our city has a long tradition of city lettering and was once a metropolis of sign painting. Josef Samuel, Vienna’s last sign painter, tells the story of a long-forgotten area. The museum takes one back to the time where small retailers in Vienna’s suburbs used hand-painted signs for advertisements.

The workshop in the Mühlgasse was founded by Samuel’s family in 1882. It is not only Vienna’s only Schildermaler Museum but also Europe’s only one. Josef Samuel is also a talented photographer, he exhibits his photographs in the museum every now and then.

Even though the museum is very small and it can easily get cramped inside, it is definitely worth a visit. Here you can find more information about the museum. It is open on request.

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