The Annakirche – a beautiful church in Vienna

Do you like beautiful churches? Then visit the Annakirche!

Vienna is a city of churches. No matter which direction you’ll turn towards, you’ll always stumble upon a church. The most popular ones – like the Stephansdom or the Karlskirche – are always quite busy, but there are a few hidden ones only few visit.One of those hidden ones is the Annakirche.

Located right in the heart of our inner city (a good 5 minutes away from the Stephansdom), this beautiful church is one of the most impressive baroque churches in the city. In 1415 a Viennese woman bought the ground where small buildings stood. With an endowment in 1418, a pilgrim house was built there and a pilgrim hospital was established. A century later, the Annakirche was built at Annagasse 3b as a late Gothic church. On June 25, 1747, the tower and the roof of the church burned down due to a lightning strike. The vaults held, the roof was provisionally restored and in the same year on 26 July the feast of St. Anne was celebrated in the church in the presence of Empress Maria Theresa.

Today you can visit the church daily, located in the Annagasse. Make sure to study their event calendar, since this is a popular spot for classical concerts. If you want to learn more about the history of this spot, check out our private tours. Click here for more information.

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