Vienna’s Christmas Markets – When do they start?

Enjoy the Vienna Christmas Markets!

Vienna in wintertime is just beautiful, a very picturesque atmosphere lays itself over the city from November on, making one feel as if time’s slowing down for a bit. But when do Vienna’s Christmas markets start?

One can find numerous Christmas markets all over Vienna, but not all of them start the season at the same time. The big market in front of our city hall opens mid November – around the 19th and closes on the 26th of December. Another famous market can be found between the KHM (museum of fine arts) and the NHM (museum of natural history), they open around the 16th of November and also close on the 26th of December. Also very famous is the Christmas market in front of the Schönbrunn palace, which opens around the 19th of November.

So, as you can see, most of our Christmas markets open around mid November, you’ll have about a month to visit them, till Christmas is over. Here you can find more information about our Christmas markets.

Now that you know when Vienna’s Christmas markets start, you can schedule a private tour!  with one of our awesome guides. Together, we will explore the city’s beautiful sites and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!

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