Winter hotspots outside of Vienna

Winter hotspots outside of Vienna for you to visit

There are a few winter hotspots outside of Vienna you can easily reach via car, like the Semmering. No matter if you want to ski, hike or just explore the calm atmosphere outside of the busy city. We’ve put together a list of spots near Vienna that are perfect for a winter weekend getaway:

The Semmering: 

This area is located on the border between Lower Austria and Styria. You can easily reach this area via car, but also via train and their shuttle service. You can come here to ski, but also for stunning winter hikes. The Semmering has been a hotspot for centuries, so it’s a place full of history. Be aware that this is quite the popular winter hotspot.

The Schneeberg:

Located about 2 1/2 hours from Vienna, the Schneeberg rack railway will take you up the highest mountain in Lower Austria. In a 40-minute ride, the modern train takes you to the Hochschneeberg mountain station at 1,800 meters above sea level.  If you are looking for nice hiking areas, this is the perfect one for you. Make sure to check out the activities you can do there.

Naturpark Föhrenberge

Those of you that want to be surrounded by trees and greener areas, even in winter, should visit this recreational area. It takes about 40 mins to reach this area via car, located near Mödling. Here you can go on a small hike, longer walks and even visit a castle, make sure to study the opening hours.


If you don’t want to leave Vienna but want to escape the buzz of the city, visit the Wienerwald. Here you can take a walk through the old forest, to relax and wind down. This area has always something rather mysterious to it, no matter the time of the year.

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