What to do on hot days in Vienna

Those hot days in Vienna may get tough! Here’s what you should do!

You may not expect it but Hot days in Vienna can be quite challenging. Our summers are only getting warmer, forcing us to find new spots that offer at least some shadow. A few of those places can be found all over Vienna, and one of them is the Donauinsel.

Vienna’s Donauinsel, about 21-kilometer-long, is the most popular recreation area for the Viennese. You can easily reach the Donauinsel with the U1 or U6 metro. Different paths along the island invite you to go jogging, cycling and/or skating. Bathing bays with shallow beaches as well as wild bathing areas, a water slide, a surf school, a water ski lift, and a boat rental allow you to find the cool down we are all desperate for when the sun is burning down on us. The Donauinsel offers a big variety of different beaches, for families, for those that want to visit a naturist zone, or a zone filled with restaurants close to the water.

If you want to learn more about the history of this spot or need some help figuring your way around, check out our private tours and get in touch with us. Click here for more information.

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