Viennese cappuccinos and Italian Schnitzel

Viennese Cappuccinos

It is popularly said that, contrary to all expectations, cappuccinos originate from Vienna. And the Schnitzel comes from Italy. Is this true, or where does this notion come from?

Indeed, the cappuccino has a Viennese origin. The claim that today’s cappuccino comes from Vienna might be stretching things a bit too far. What can be said is that the cappuccino derives from a Viennese coffee recipe called a Kapuziner. This was a double espresso topped with whipped cream. This combination of coffee and cream resulted in a brown color that resembled the robes of Capuchin monks – and thus the coffee came to be called a Kapuziner. This is thought to have been brought to Italy by Austrian soldiers who didn’t want to drink the local brew. Over time the recipe has changed, and become more Italian with time; generally it is now understood to be an espresso with milk foam. Nonetheless, if you order a cappuccino in Vienna, there is still a chance that it will come with whipped cream!

And what about the Wiener Schnitzel? Well, for that you’ll have to wait until next time…

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