See Vienna’s main sites in one day through the Ringstraße

Vienna is an international hotspot for history, culture, and art – owing to our imperial history. Exploring a historic city like Vienna can be quite stressful. 

Is there a chance to explore the most important buildings in one day, and if so, how? 

Most of our important buildings can be found in the inner city, in the first district – along the Ringstraße. Numerous buildings along the Ringstraße, which is about 5.3km long, were built in the 1860s to 1890s. Today most of those buildings are among the most important sights in the city. 

Along the Ringstraße you can take in our main University. Also our City Hall and the world famous Burgtheater. Our Parliament, the Heldenplatz and the Hofburg as well as our two main museums – the museum of fine arts and the natural history museum – and our State Opera. If you don’t want to walk this route, you could take a tram that drives along the Ringstraße (like the D-line, the 1-line or the 71-line; make sure to get out before you leave the area though)

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