Snow Globe Museum

Vienna’s Snow Globe Museum is definitely worth the visit!

It was the year 1900 as Erwin Perzy created the first ever snow globe. His first design was the basilica Maria Zell. From 1920 on Erwin decided to design snow globes in different sizes, from 20mm to 60mm. Over the years the sizes grew and in 1977 they even put together a 120mm one.

Today the Snow Globe Museum, located in the Schumanngasse 87 in the 17th district, displays Erwin’s workshop. Here the first snow globes came to life. You can buy different designs of symbols, landmarks or food in their shop. The company also designed snow globes for Bill Clinton, containing the original confetti which was thrown at his inauguration party.

Snow Globes are a famous present and souvenir from Vienna, don’t miss out on this original museum on your next trip around the city. The museum is open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 3pm, they also offer guided tours.

More information about the shop can be found here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates and exciting events. We also offer private tours that focus on Vienna’s rather secretive history, on darker elements and mysteries.

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