How to visit the synagogue in Vienna

Visit the synagogue in Vienna for a powerful experience!

Vienna’s city prayer house was built in the years 1825-26 by the architect Josef Kornhäusel. Kornhäusel integrated this main synagogue in Vienna into an apartment complex. The reason for that was that only Christian churches were permitted to stand adjacent to main streets. due to that, the prayer house was the only synagogue that survived the 9th-10th of November 1938. The other 93 synagogues unfortunately didn’t survive the terrible Kristallnacht.

Today you can visit the synagogue as part of an official tour. The tour is taking place from Monday to Friday at 10 am. You can also visit it independently, though you have to contact the synagogue via email three days in advance. Click here for more information. If you want to book the tour, click here – be aware that you have to bring an ID and that you will have to go through security checks.

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