This is our favourite passage in Vienna

 to Ferstel Passage is definitely our favourite passage in Vienna!

If you explore Vienna’s inner city, you’ll most likely walk past the Freyung, and while you do so, you will probably notice the Palais Ferstel and the Ferstel passage.

The Palais Ferstel was built between 1856-1860. Its architect, Heinrich von Ferstel designed this ‘temporarily’ accessible passage as a shopping arcade. His inspiration was the tradition of the great Parisian shopping passages. Above the passage you will find the words “Bis auf Widerruf gestatteter Durchgang”, which means the passage is accessible until further notice. Walking through the passage today, with its fantastic arches and glass roof, transports one back to the height of the Habsburg Empire and the social lives of its leisure classes.

The Palais is connected to the famous coffeehouse Café Central. Therefore, it’s always packed and crowded, but worth a visit, if you love coffee and stunning architecture. If you don’t want to visit this spot independently, make sure to get in touch with us and check out our private tours. Click here for more information.

We especially recommend our behind the scenes tour to explore this area. This tour takes place in the area of Freyung and even includes a visit underground. Our guide will take you into a shop and then lead you underground. You will get to explore a part of Vienna known only to few! Sounds exciting, right? Then get in touch and book your tour!

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