Vienna street art – Donaukanal

Vienna street art can be found all over the city, especially by the Donaukanal!

Have you ever paid attention to the street art you can find all over the city? If you have ever walked along the Donaukanal or driven past it – you’ve most likely paid attention to the Vienna street art gracing the area. 

From the carefully curated mural paintings to the doodles painted on the walls. The street art has transformed this very area and granted it a unique character that sets it apart from the city’s ‘clean’ reputation. Many artists use this area to deliver political messages with their paintings, others simply want to perpetuate their art. 

Not only do Viennese artists use this area to play around with designs, but also international artists find their way to the Donaukanal every now and then. If you have enough time on your hand to stroll through this area, you should definitely grasp the chance and snap a few pictures of the designs. 

Those of you interested in the historic development of our art scene should check out our private tours here. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram, where we post daily content about all things Vienna. 

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