The Makery Vienna- A restaurant where you are the chef!

The Makery Vienna – a place where you are the chef!

Last week, our Secret Vienna team was invited to the grand opening of The Makery. AA brand new restaurant in Schottenring with an innovative concept. The idea is simple: choose your own dish to make, get all the ingredients to your table, cook with your family and friends and then eat in a fun, social atmosphere.

We know what you might be thinking- why should i go to a restaurant to cook? After all, we normally dine out in order to avoid preparing, cooking and cleaning. We have to admit, that’s exactly what was going through our mind as we entered the cozy and well designed restaurant. Upon sitting at our shared table, the concept became more and more appealing. People were talking to each other right away and the room seemed more alive than most restaurants we have been to in Vienna. We were greeted kindly and received a welcome drink as well as the necessary equipment to start cooking.

We chose our dish and through using a tablet followed the instructions step by step to produce our meal. As we had all the ingredients cut and organised in front of us, the cooking process was easy and satisfying. In the meantime, we could speak to our newly acquainted neighbours sitting right next to us and make new friends! Whenever we needed, an assistant was available to give us guidance or a good glass of beer. Finally the meal was ready and it was time to eat and enjoy the fruits of our work.

An experience like ours is exactly what The Makery team wants you to have. A chance to improve your culinary skills, to meet new people and enjoy a one of a kind experience in Vienna. Whether you are a trained cook who just wants to try out a new innovative concept, or a complete beginner who wants to try out making different dishes, the Makery has something to offer you.
It can be an especially good idea for your next social event or team building activity.

We at Secret Vienna always try to keep you up to date about new ideas, companies and places to explore! We also try to support innovation and creativity and we hope that by sharing our experience you will also go and give the Makery a try. You can find more information about them directly through their website here:

You can also follow them on social media to stay tuned for upcoming events, promotions and new dishes available:
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