The story of Kärntnerstraße 16

Walking along the Kärntnerstraße could be a difficult endeavor as it is usually very crowded. And because of this perhaps one does not have the chance to admire the nice details that are to be found in that long and historical street. Maybe some of you have missed the mosaic located in the façade of Kärntnerstraße 16. The original building located here was built in 1894-1896 and was the home of the Hotel Meissl & Schadn.

The Story Of Kärntnerstraße 16 Vienna

Unfortunately, the building was another inanimate victim of WWII bombing and the part that faced the Neuer Markt was eventually demolished. Part of the building facing the Kärntnerstraße was restored. It is here where you can see the mosaic showing the world’s continents and whose artist was Eduard Veith. Veith’s idea was to highlight the international spirit of the hotel and, therefore, the mosaic shows figures representing Australia, America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Next time you are walking along the Kärntnerstraße, don’t forget to take a look at it. It is worth a picture! (Cr).

The Story Of Kärntnerstraße 16

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