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In our modern, hectic world, it’s become quite difficult to simply stop and relax. It’s ironic how easy it is to be in constant motion and how challenging it is to just be still and in a state of inaction. Not long ago, after months of dealing with the impact of the Corona pandemic, we decided to take a break and invest in ourselves and in our own peace of mind. Upon a short search, we have found the perfect place to do so- Schwerelos Vienna.

Schwerelos was founded in 2018 by Andreas Huber, a medical scientist who conducted a research about hallucinations and imaginations. After being inspired by his own dream during a train ride from Zurich to Bern he decided to use a floating tank for his research. Upon its completion, he realized that floating has great physical and mental benefits, as indicated by the study participants. With this conclusion, he went on to establish his very own floating center in Vienna- Schwerelos (weightless).

The vision of Andreas and his team is to offer a place where people can escape, relax and invest in their body and soul. After trying it ourselves, we can tell you that it’s definitely a unique experience you must try!

Schwerelos Vienna

Luckily, Secret Vienna customers can now enjoy a special deal for a 60 minutes couples floating session. Instead of 95 euros you can pay only 79 euros. Simply mention Secret Vienna when booking to enjoy this fantastic deal. We especially recommend to do so after a fun Secret Vienna tour! This way, you can let your body relax while the incredible stories sink in.

More information:

Address- Lange Gasse 70/1, 1080 Wien, Österreich
Email- [email protected]
Tel- 0043 676 4892589

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